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Cow-Orkers & Mockery

I worked last night until the end of the shift, and thus participated in the cleaning up. I was helping with assorted random tasks, and wound up assisting in the wiping of monitor tapes.

$SUPERVISOR_OF_SUPERVISORS was wiping tapes by shoving them through the wiper on one side only.
$EXPERIENCED_MONITOR: "Aren't you supposed to wipe them on both sides?"
$EXPERIENCED_MONITOR: "Last time I did that, I got yelled at and told I was supposed to wipe them on both sides."
$SUPERVISOR_OF_SUPERVISORS: "Who told you that?"
$EXPERIENCED_MONITOR: "Rules Lawyer Monitor."
$SUPERVISOR_OF_SUPERVISORS: "So the voices in her head told her that we were wiping both sides of the tape now?"
*general laughter*

Evidently Rules Lawyer Monitor gets mostly ignored by the rest of the staff, though there is a show of listening to her respectfully when she is around, which is probably the only way to deal with her. Well, probably the only way to deal with her politely...

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