Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic


Monsoon season started last night. Nice thunderstorm, with even some rain! I was Awake (lightning, plus creepy guy) and my computer was not, so I cleaned my room a bit. Things are stacked in a far tidier fashion, things are going OUT, assorted magazines are thrown out, and laundry is put away, even the lost hair ties.

Eris Raven was miffed that she couldn't get in to her usual curl-up-and-sleep spot. I think she wound up lying on the floor and just looking at me. She didn't come over to get petted when I invited her to last night.

Looking at the mess earlier, it looked like I needed gods-know-what-all in the way of extra storage organization. Looking at it now, it just looks like I need to clear off the top shelf in the closet enough to put the binders up there, clear out the closet enough to put the electronics bits in there, and get another book shelf, because I have a glorious amount of books that have no home...

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