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Work: sleep-dep, and the clueless

Got to work on three hours of sleep, more or less.

Worked hard all day.

One person the other day...

She calls.
Person hangs up.
"Screw you, b-" she gets out before the disconnect goes through.
Profanity on phones == bad.
Just her luck that she was being monitored...

Another person on the phones the other day:
*does something she knows full well is wrong*
Muses out loud to herself and the person being surveyed: "I have a feeling I'm going to get in trouble for this."
Monitor in monitor room, listening: "You have no idea." *refrains from writing same down on monitor report*

They discourage my random & quirky sense of humor on the actual written monitor documents, see. Those are official office type paperwork things, used in performance reviews and all. I, as a mere peon, don't get to inject levity into the proceedings, because they're supposed to remain flat.

Person on phones today:
"You're talking too fast. I couldn't hear a word you said."
"I'm sorry for disturbing you, ma'am." [enters: Hard of Hearing]
Um... when did "you're talking too fast" turn into Hard of Hearing?
Monitor was cracked up laughing too hard to tell her supervisor this gem for at least thirty seconds...

Same guy, a few minutes later:
"Hi, we're doing a survey about stuff."
"What kind of stuff?"
"You know, $SERVICE1 and $SERVICE2."
"I don't have any of that."
"OK." [gets lost in bewildering array of screens, all alike, and winds up scheduling a call back]
Umyeah. That, dear sir, is where you double-check to make sure that yeah, she doesn't have any of the services that we ask questions about, enter same in the computer, and watch the survey terminate out. NOT have someone else call her back to pester her again... you wanted to put the someone else do it thing up on the "I can't hear a word you're saying" lady...

Then the monitor shift lead, who was in the same room with me and double-checking my work, overheard a gem:

Survey goon: [somethingorother]
Lady on phone: "And I bet your tits are smaller than mine!"
Shift lead monitor: *rotfl* *shares with trainee monitor*
Trainee monitor: *rotfl*

Dumb trainee monitor tricks:
*tries to log in*
*has wrong password*
*tries same password and login again*
*still has wrong password*
*tries swapping login and password around*
*really has wrong password*
*tries it referring to her notes again*
*is told that the Field Supervisor account is locked out due to too many bad passwords*
*tells someone*
*gets told that it's lower case, not with caps lock on* (Work standard: all typing to be recorded by the databases is in uppercase, so caps lock gets left on)
*gets told to try again*
*attempts to explain the concept of "locked out" to technosqueamish supervisor types*
*technosqueamish supervisor tries*
*still locked out*
*trainee monitor points out that in any case, supervisor is using wrong thing for login*
*still locked out*
*IT is called*

So that was from my first day.

The second day, Friday, I came in and after I'd stalked around the area I was going to be monitoring, like an oversized bat, or the Rules Lawyer Monitor, I tried to log in.
Wouldn't you know it, Field Supervisor was locked out. So I told the lead monitor this, because, you know, they're the ones who call IT. So of course she has to try it and see that oo, it's locked out, and she doesn't know beans about that, and IT must be called!!!1!!11!! So then after that I get to explain to one of the other technosqueamish monitors (the archetypical Old Lady, almost) that actually, it doesn't require IT coming and looking at YOUR computer, it needs someone with the rights to reset the thing to do so from wherever they're at, and, see, after so many bad password attempts to log into the account, it's locked, because the system thinks it's someone trying to crack the security and get in. The technosqueamish Old Lady monitor was a little overwhelmed, but I thiiiiink she understood...

So today I came in, I set up and stalked the areas, I monitored, I went on break, I came back from break and monitored some more, I got almost all of the people I was supposed to monitor done, people got sent home at 2:30, I started helping with the cleaning up, more people got sent home at 3:00, we were still cleaning up, and I finally dragged out of there at almost five.

I think I'm going to have to ask that my Friday nights, I actually go home at 9:00 rather than staying until shift end. I can't stay that late and then be coherent morningwise...

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