Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Work & stuff

Went to work. Monitored. Only had one little bit of trouble -- some silly character accepting a blanket answer on MVM. Silly character.

Saw othercat walking back from work while I was walking to work. She was on the sidewalk in the hot evil sun, and I was hiding from the hot evil sun with the strip mall.

Went on break late. Silly creatures. My efficiency went up again, 4.2 monitor reports an hour vs. yesterday's four-or-under. One of these days I'll be up to 5 an hour like we're supposed to get.

I really like wiping tapes. I've gotten better at wiping both sides in a smooth move. I like sorting papers too. And writing down log time and refusal rates on monitor reports is the sort of clerical work that I excel at.

Who knows. Maybe I've found something I'm good at that I like. Do monitors get paid more than peons?

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