Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic


Crashed out for a nap before work. I was on a tram somewhere in Florida, and shadesong was sitting in the back of the car. When the person sitting in the seat in front of her moved out, I moved to sit over there, and waved hi. She was wandering elsewhere, though, and didn't seem to see me.

The guy who had just sat down behind me winked at me and leered at me. I didn't recognize him, and I'm sure he didn't know me -- he was just a random person being very creepy. I leaned over to retrieve some spilled coins of mine -- tram fare, I think. Some of them had fallen near his sandaled feet. He told me, still leering, that if I ever needed an e-mail address, the person to ask about it was Uncle [his name]. I flipped him off, and woke up thinking that really, "Fuck you" has gotten outmoded as a dire insult in this society, and really, we need a gesture to express "You couldn't even get a date with your own hand, you pathetic loser, because your hand would fall asleep, you're so bad!" or "You couldn't even pay anyone to spend time with you," or something.

It would have to be a simple, expressive, easily understood gesture, and it would have to be commonly adopted.

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