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Cats in the morning (what'll I do?)

I was sound asleep some five hours after my bedtime, and suddenly, BANG! Out of nowhere, my door burst open, and there was a tabby in the room that had not been in the room before.

I have the habit of leaving my door not entirely closed, because the door does stick, and closing it slightly does mean that you have to tug to open it from the inside, and push to open it from the outside. shammash took advantage of this. It's not a soft push that you can do with a cat paw, oh, no, no. It's a stiff, sharp push that's best accomplished, for a feline, with a running start, head first. BANG.

I shooed him out and shut the door firmly, closing it all the way so it latched, and climbed back in bed.

eris_raven started banging the bathroom cupboard doors, which is what she does when she's displeased with me.

I got back up and let her out, and continued my happy sleep...

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