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The System is -- oh god.

So the Old Lady Monitor was overseeing me signing in to the computer and the new system. Sheeeeeeeit. That's like the blind leading an experienced mountaineer up the slopes of Mount Doom in Mordor, people...

And, predictably, like a blind guide up Mount Doom's little mission ... doom.

Evidently I did something wrong (I asked Windows not to remember the login/password, and not to ask me about it again) and this made it so that I couldn't log in. Clearly. And I'm also dating Britney Spears, and Sean Connery is consumed with mad unrequited lust for me. I sat firmly on Naomi and "admitted my mistake" and it turned out that the IT person to ask what my login and password were was not around, so I couldn't log in, and I went back on the phones for the rest of the night.

We are, evidently, trying this again Saturday. Today.

My toes are on flaming-hot Tabasco-fire with anticipation.

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