Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Announcement: the head-breaky.

Remember the head-breaky that I wanted so badly to tell everyone, but just couldn't, because it wasn't my news to tell and also other people who hadn't been told needed to hear first?


As of this just past Tuesday, marxdarx and sorcha007 are officially engaged to be married, ring and everything. The Little Fayoumis is ecstatic. After I got done screaming with unanticipatedness, I started screaming with general glee. shammash is still disgruntled at having been part of the treasure hunt to find the ring -- his part in it involved wearing a sign with a clue to the next stage of the hunt.

Tentative wedding plans put the wedding sometime this fall or winter, and me as the (old) Maid of Honor. If the minister of choice (an old family friend) cannot attend, I may well wind up officiating.

So that's the head-breaky.

Darkside was told today, so now that that's happened, I get to announce it to LJ...

Nobody tell Sis's mom, 'k?

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