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Work Restrictions

We do surveys for all kinds of clients at work. There are two groups of surveys on a divisive issue, one group on either side. By client request, it is arranged so that no one who works on the one group of surveys may work on the other.

This division extends to monitors as well as the goons on the phones. As an interviewer, I'd been working on my preferred side of the issue. As a monitor, I am now working on the other side. Today's lead monitor was in a terrible state, as she'd had half her people pulled, and she and the other remaining monitors were all assigned on the one side of the issue, the side I used to be assigned to, and still am on at heart. So she pulled me from the job I was monitoring and set me up with an array of people on the other job. "Anyone can do this one," she said, indicating the one that I'd been doing and she was about to take over, "but you're the only $ISSUE_SIDE person I have here tonight."

I indicated the job I'd until that moment been working on. "Neither milk nor meat, eh?" I asked, grinning.


I repeated myself, a little more distinctly. She'd heard my words, but not gotten the joke. Ah well.

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