Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Saying hi to Demland

I was walking back from work and took the usual shortcut through the school parking lot. I saw a head I thought I recognized, and wandered over. It was, indeed, good old Professor Demland. He and I chatted for a bit before I wandered off on my merry way.

It says a lot about my blonder half's new job that he and I are being paid about the same. (As of my last paycheck. We'll see if monitors get paid more.) The archetypical Old Lady really shouldn't be teaching the bright young CIS student how to get into the new system. Demland winced with me at my graphic illustrations at just how tech-savvy the Old Lady Monitor really isn't.

It was a nice windy night, and I saw the lightning in the clouds as I walked home. The wind ripped through the hairspray and flipped my hair around. I turned on my blinky-heart to alert drivers to my presence, me in my black pants and new cool black two-layer work shirt.

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