Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic


I was at my parents' house, and Darkside came over. This wasn't a big deal, as he is generally considered part of the family anyway. We hung out. This was fun. He wound up spending the night. Harry and Hermione got the top bunks, and he and I got the bottom bunks. (Definitely a dream...) After about two minutes settling in, we had to turn off the alarm clock because its loud ticking was bothering him and he couldn't get to sleep.

Interesting stuff followed, with Death Eaters or some villian from a 60s boys' adventure story bashing things up and throwing chemicals or potions. (I was reading SNAFU last night, and it showed... ) The girl who wasn't me (I think she may have been Hermione, but then she was starting to look more like a younger me wearing white) went in and got the stuff we needed, food and water and light in test tubes, and we started walking down the road...

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