Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic


The dream was set in something cross between the UAF Elvey building, a hospital, and the Ministry of Magic, with some overtones of Muggle politics and schoolishness.

Where the legislators were at any given moment was indicated by the yellow balloons with blue ribbons that they wore tied to their wrists. The strings were long, so that the balloons must have floated 20 feet high or higher when unobstructed. The balloons remained outside a room while the legislators went in. There were clusters outside the bathrooms. The mens' bathroom had one male legislator's balloon dangling outside, and one female. We all knew what was happening in there.

There was something about wandering the basement, where the garage with all the machinery had had all the concrete torn up and mashed, and I think there may have been a picnic basket. machinegirl was in my party, I think, and so was Mama. popefelix may have been around as well. I had to carry Mama.

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