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Things found while cleaning the Lunatic's room in Alaska this summer

This was the room that I lived in at my parents' house from August 1995 until fall 1998, then from spring 1999 until spring 2000, and then for a very brief and chaotic month in the fall of 2000. There were all sorts of things in there. I bring you the highlights, mostly as recorded on a yellow notepad:

Things found:

  • a long piece of rope, dirty and tied in many knots and rather grungy, cut into pieces, from the era of the one secret society

  • The penholder can that had been varnished with all the leftover ends of nail polish from the tiny little jars of nail polish that Mama gave me one year, the year FatherSir went to Russia with multicolored toenails because we'd used one color on each toenail, with two colors left over (there had been twelve colors, and lipstick to match).

  • the broken hilt of the curved GoA sword, the one that the asshat broke.

  • ribbons and medals -- 6 medals from the 1998 Alaska state acadec -- 2 silver, 4 bronze.

  • The Shoe, the Snapple can (remember, pyrogenic, moonberryq?)

  • ISBN 0-380-84392-7 (consigned to the used bookstore from whence I got it)

phrases found:

  • Begone, my fair-weather angel.

  • "Any psychologically or physically harmful habit is an addiction."

  • Gamer quotes: "They're not very happy. In fact, I think they're kinda mad." --Fuzzy Modem, a Shadow fighter against about 10 Galaxy-class starships.

  • Plot bunny: guy, dragon, lady. Guy: I rescue lady from dragon. Dragon: I protect guy from lady. Lady: I protect guy from dragon -OR- I protect dragon from guy.

  • True love is mutual knowledge, acceptance, and trust of the other.

  • moonberryq and pyrogenic are in agreement: I will make an outstanding Jewish mother.

  • We're attractive and we've known it / Since we were little tykes / If you want to date us, guys / Tough luck, 'cause we're dykes.

  • December is not bleak, she thought. Cold, inhospitable -- but there is life.

  • "If there is a possibility something might be controversial, then why not eliminate it." This was a reason given for one of the books banned listed on the ACLU Banned Books Week website.

  • My definition of "funk" -- "when formerly melodic instruments are used for beating."

  • proofread funky yellow eyelashes

  • The glitter in her eye boded Interesting Times for the next man to cross her path.


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