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Random quote from work, taken out of context:

"I love Patrick. He's awesome. He's just stupid in the head sometimes."

The lunchroom and bathrooms are the best places for gossip. Actually, I don't gossip. I don't know half the people, and I'm not interested in getting to know any of the high school crowd, and I'm not interested in knowing half the adults, and quite a few of the other people are either not gossip-worthy or I'm just not interested in gossiping about them.

I consider being snarky with trystan_laryssa, othercat, and Motley an entirely different fish than actual gossip.

Speaking of work -- it hit me like the proverbial unexpected wet newspaper that hey -- I'm a good work reference to put on resumés now. Instead of merely a personal reference, I am a monitor for quality control assurance at the workplace. And a good word from a co-worker who holds a higher position is really actually one of those good things to have. Hee. I am useful!

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