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And he's the son of an English teacher.

So I was chatting with a certain friend of mine, he who is known in his less-than-shining moments as "Mr. Shallow", he who inspired me to chat with tyrantmouth until all hours and coin the term "angstwanker" at least a year ago.

He was polishing his CV, and wanted me to run an eye over it. Although hampered by the lack of the program he'd used to create it, I nonetheless humanitarianly (note: this is only a word because I say it is) plunged in.

I raised eyebrows over several things, but chalked it up to lack of sleep (he'd been up since 8 in the morning, and it was now past midnight) when I hit what he'd done to the poor computers. I screeched aloud, careless of the hour and of sleeping roommates. "MACINTOSH'S???????????" I scream-typed to my hapless friend. "MACINTOSH'S WHAT? MACINTOSH'S ASS?"

This is why I'm such a helpful friend to run things past. Fortunately, he and I are good friends.

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