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Monitored today. Evidently I may be a weekend monitor? Something like that.

I seem to have been plopped down back on the proper side of the devisive issue. I'm glad I monitored the small jobs first, because by the time I was halfway through the medium-sized job, it was shutting down. So Daisy and I were the only ones working who could monitor $ISSUE_SIDE_JOB, and so we did. At length.

I wound up pulling 4.5 monitor reports an hour, despite the obnoxious incident with the half-hour where I got only one monitor report done because someone was out of his booth for ten entire minutes.

It's fun to chat about the stuff that's happening with/to the person you're monitoring to other monitors. "Ooops, he just called the police station..." If it's funny when you're the one on the phones, imagine what it must be like for onlookers...

We worked later than the usual monitor fun. Everyone else had not had anything to do since 1 pm, so when the $ISSUE_SIDE_JOB got out just before four, the entire place was nearly cleaned. I made sure that the other girl had taken care of the pencils and the memos, and I went and did the cups, but that was damn near it.

So. Good day at work, except for the part where the dialer crashed (but everyone went on break so it was OK (except they didn't tell the monitors this, no, we had to figure it out for ourselves)) and the part where I nearly fell asleep, and the part where it was over a hundred degrees F while I was walking home.

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