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Lunatic vs. Maniac

Called my blonder half. Chatted. His mother and aunt were hanging pictures. He was hiding. We wound up talking about lots of stuff. Mostly, he's there and listens while I talk about things I can't talk about half so freely with other people. Conversely, it's more of a stretch to tell him, because sometimes it doesn't matter if I tell people who aren't as close about the things that are important to me, but when I tell him, it's crucial and it's intimate and it really makes me think about how much he could hurt me if he wanted to. Like Frances learned, a good friend is not the sort that you have to be careful with, and I don't have to be careful with him, and it blows my mind that I don't have to. I am courteous of him, but I don't have to shrink back in self-protection, and I don't have to pretend that things mean less to me than I do...

Work. His hideout. .ASP errors. Miniatures. Superhero games, and ineptitude. I think his bookshelf is cute. He was called (hauled) out of his room to steady a ladder or something. The Dragon Ladies broke things. My work. His work. My potential career. An hour, all told. Lots of silence, without the "And is that all?" that sometimes happens. The Dragon Ladies invaded his room to decorate. He got off the phone and fled to hide, or guard his fragile possessions...

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