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Lightswitch Raves Are Us. Or maybe them.

The system, in other words, went down. It went down just after ten. I was monitoring someone, and I heard the supervisor come through and ask everyone to log out. After I closed out the monitor report, I showed up in person, and walked around keeping the peace. I was, yet again, very tempted to throw a lightswitch rave. I did not. For one, more than half the people there would not get the joke. Two, fluorescent lights don't make good lightswitch rave material, as they don't strobe to the lightswitch well.

It's very weird being in the position where I am one of the people that other people go to when they have a computer error. Yesterday, some random big strong strapping young man with the look of my generation flagged me down and pointed out the computer error he was having. I stepped in, checked it out, and rebooted the system. (Other supervisors generally try rebooting first when the box can't find the DC*.) Teddybear Supervisor popped in and wanted to know what I was doing to the box. "Rebooting," I told him; "It couldn't find the domain controller." And I knew that what I was saying and doing was over the head of the young man who'd asked for my help...

This morning, I got to help several people with computer problems. It was the usual assortment of things: the $COMPANY_SPECIFIC_TELNET was already running on their computer, funky things with the dialer, and the like. I'm used to people around the household coming to me with computer issues, but I'm not at all accustomed to being in any sort of position of authority over people older than I am or near my same age, and I'm not entirely comfortable with it yet. It's sort of like going out without wearing a bra, only far less bouncy.

Instead of slacking off during the systems outage today, I stood around and made sure everyone was in their seats and not being too loud. I BSed with some of the people for a while, sharing my infamous "I was really tired when..." story, the one featuring the line "No, sir, the fleas on the cat in your doghouse do not count as children between the ages of eleven and seventeen." It was interesting. Somehow, being known as a Person of Authority at work feels more exposing to me than posting semi-nude or entirely nude photographs of me on LJ to be viewed by 200+ people (let alone to potential thousands on

*Domain Controller. It's a geek thing.

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