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Evening things

Came home. I'm not coherent for a good fifteen minutes after I get home at midday because of the heat. Today, when I was walking in the 109°F weather out there, the only thing I could think of as soon as I came inside was shedding as much heat as I could as soon as possible. (Komarr can have as much of my waste heat as it wants!) My shoes insulate my feet from the sidewalk, but are too hot to wear inside for very long; I have to strip them off quickly so I don't boil myself.

After I had cooled off, I tried calling Darkside. Darkside was sleepy and sounded grouchy. I did not attempt to pet him while spiky.

The Little Fayoumis bounced on cushions. I almost got a nap.
The Little Fayoumis knocked on my closed door while I was not all there. He got yelled at (he knows better than to knock on my door when he knows I am taking a nap) and then got a double dose of the trouble (much-deserved, because he was trying to logic his way into being allowed to creep in while I was asleep to retrieve his toy) from Mommy.

Called Dawn. Got her caught up on my happy job fun.

Eventually, my broke big brother came over to borrow a tank of gas (or cash equivalent to same) because his bank opens later than work does tomorrow and he's on E.

As I was explaining the finer details of monitoring to him (how many bangs can one collect at once?), my high school best friend IMed me with some mildly distressing personal news. I can't help but think of all the full circles involved...

My big bro's roommate cackled evilly at the mention of cRon's (imaginary) Old Lady. Evidently this roommate had made a habit of trying to kill the old biddy off...

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