Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic


Dreamed, among other things, about a dragonfly who had gotten her wings all smushed up, but was being taken home from one intersection through the next long block to the next major intersection as a familiar. On the way, she changed from a dragonfly, strictly speaking, into some sort of thing with a paper abdomen.

I walked directly from that dream into the next, where I was supposed to be the TA in my college Ben Stein lookalike math prof's class. He was challenging me to see if I would be a fit TA for his class, asking me to write down on the whiteboard the math problem that he was dictating to me, to see if I put it down correctly.

Evidently one of the students walking in took exception to this and began an immediate dislike of me. First he said something very inappropriate, and then he decided on a public humiliation of me. He handed out pencils and pencil covers (paper of the right size to wrap around a pencil and glue there) and the images on my two pencil covers were enough like the images on the pencil covers of the others to not cause comment, but clearly mocking me (the images were of cartoon women, not particularly attractive ones), but if I faced him up about it in front of the entire class I would look like I was the one being oversensitive and jumping at shadows and paranoid. I couldn't face him down, so I instead traded pencil covers with the Old Lady Monitor, who was quietly appalled that the young man would be so crass.

More things happened, and I wound up picking him up and carrying him outside and having a little word with him while I held him up by the collar (not ordinary hold-up-by-collar, this was his entire body horizontal in the air with his face on a level with mine) and had a few words with him.

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