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Tien, and other unsubtle silliness, including the Army

My friend Dawn called this morning. She was housecleaning last night and got a little carried away with that, and didn't wind up calling me. I wound up telling her all about the thing with Tien's wife leaving him. Then I had to explain what, exactly, I meant by "a Tien" when she hadn't read the books. (She really should read them.)

If the spaceship crashed in the desert and we were worried about having enough water, a Tien would take a shower.

We cackled together over the inevitabilities, and caught up on recent events. She does travel bookings for Disney, and has Cunning Plans for either when I wind up visiting her, or if my Pretty and I ever want a romantic getaway. (Hmm. Somehow I don't see a solitary sort of romantic getaway thing happening, but I think it could be lots of gigglesome fun if there were some sort of group holiday trip thing...)

Midway through the call, I got a beep. I switched over. It was for me.
"This is Captain John Kirk from DeVry..."
<azzgrin> "I don't feel like being recruited. Have a nice day!" >click<
I must say, working in the phone survey industry has made my telephone solicitation brushoffs very smooth indeed: swift, polite, and unambiguous.

Dawn and I have great fun giggling about stuff together. It really helps to have a chickfriend who knows the entire household and the whole old school crowd. It was the four of us at school: her, me, Darkside, and ralmathon. We're scattered all over the country (sort of), but we're still staying somewhat in touch, with me as the hub. It really helps that she knows the Tien-type, having been married to one; we could giggle about that properly. I explained the kid's middle name, and we cracked up...

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