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Work & Sleep

Got awakened by a half-coherent phone call from Sis's Blabbermouth Cousin, who wanted to know if the wedding was this Thursday. Or something. I was mostly asleep, but managed to get the cellphone number to him so he could talk to someone awake.

Dreamed things. Crucial things. I'm going to be hacking on this thing for a while; bear with me.

Work was work. I was on the phones, and really tired and ready for the day to get over. We got out early. I traumatized co-workers with metaquotes silliness on my palmtop; trystan_laryssa and I cracked each other up across the area by making hand gestures going with last night's discussion of flying bishies. *eyes pyrogenic covertly*

Comics to do: professionally hanging up on you.

Asshat of the Evening: person who didn't think the company name was the actual company name.

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