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Things that shouldn't be down...

One thing that shouldn't be down at work is the printer that prints the monitor reports. It's not down, really, just causing massive network errors of some unspecified sort, so we can use it to copy, but not to print. We had to have someone set up access to another printer on the network (fortunately for our workday, this was done before I came in) and we were told to print to only that printer.

The default printer was the one we weren't supposed to print to, of course. I said a close approximation of "fuck this shit" to myself and set up the new printer as the default, with intent to reset the other as default when I signed off.

That, of course, was after we were able to get on the computers. Some genius had locked up access again by typing in the wrong password three times, locking several of us out. I got to help people out with their own computer woes, of course. I had the one guy somehow forget to select a funnel to dial. I had two computers fail to reboot properly right across from each other.

It was that kind of day. Somehow, my purse falling in the toilet at the beginning of lunch break wasn't that much of a surprise...

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