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Cleaning! Toybox! Vacuuming! Whee!

The Little Fayoumis is cleaning his toybox. First, we vacuumed, so the living room floor was actually a hospitable place to dump out all his toys. He seems to be, on his own, sorting things into roughly equal piles of stay and go. The triage is actually not happening; there aren't any toys he's feeling "maybe" about.

For my part, things are coming out of my bathroom and going into the to-go box. Makeup that some kid would absolutely love for war paint or something, but isn't going to be much good otherwise... Some of it's gone blooie in the garbage can. My pretty shiny two-tone blue lipstick has been wronked by the Arizona heat...

Over half of the LF's toys are going. Amazing. We-the-grownups are going to sort through after this, to make sure that all the things he's sorted to go are thigs that we can also stand to see leaving.

We have the windows open and the a/c off. The cats are enjoying this. I have the wedding gift for digitalambience in a gift bag, finally, without much finesse. Ah well. It's the thought that counts in some cases, and gift bag is beyond my call of duty.

I may well go out for some Girl Time with Sis tonight, depending on stuff.

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