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It is morning.

I, for once, am reasonably awake and coherent. My shoulder is unhappy with me and the whole world still.

On the bus, and was just seated between a fellow reading Lyon's Pride and another reading New Jedi Order: Balance Point. I am a stealth geek.

Headd to the plasma place. Got a late start: I thought my alarm was set a half-hour earlier, and then I had to sort things into my new purse. Some aspects of it are stunningly poorly designed: there is a wallet that is supposed to fit inside a little socket in the purse, yet it is a struggle to fit the empty wallet back in. I shudder to even think what will happen after I have transferred inside all my cards.

Today I am scheduled a tetnus booster. Sis anticipates that I will be in a considerable bit of pain. I think I'll do just fine.

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