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Handy-dandy pill bottles

I am absolutely enamoured of this prescription bottle. It looks like a standard prescription bottle to start, but it has a reversible cap.

One side of the cap is almost the standard prescription adultproof cap, except it's dented a little funny around the edge.

The other side... the other side is the bottom of the adultproof cap, and it says, "Caution: Not Child Resistant!" on it. It screws on the other way nice and easy, with a lot of cap to grab on to when twisting, and it doesn't take much of a twist to get off.

My thoughts are moving slowly through nice, warm, spicy water. Mmm, good thoughts. Also, good drugs.

They had to evidently run a background check on me for drug offenses before giving me my prescription. I find that amusing. My humor is pastedeonyey.

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