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Friends who write sanity checks

Mad propz to tyrantmouth, amberfox, and iroshi (in chronological order of comforting on this minor crisis).

Three points of contact. Three points of sanity. Three observers, though all of them sharing me as the common point on the issue. Three sets of ethics. Three masters (mistresses?) of friendship. Three agreeing opinions, coinciding with mine and getting progressively more detailed. My logic makes sense. I am internally consistent.

iroshi can never remember either my age or amberfox's. I can remember Ro's chronological age only because at one point it registered that she was actually ten years older than I am. I mentioned that to me, she's the same age as my LJ-less friend Dawn. Dawn's 40-something; Ro pouted. I detailed exactly how old Dawn is in my eye: it was the four of us in college: Dawn (40-something), my big bro ralmathon (2 years older than me), Darkside (one year older than me), and then me. And all of the four of us were the exact same age. Dawn's old enough to be the mother of all three of us, and we're the same age. So iroshi is the same age as I am, and the same age as Dawn, and the same as my big bro, and the same as my blonder half...

It was pointed out to me, not unkindly, that my best friend was not a nice man. Deeply caring, yes, and capable of being nice to those he cares for (because being nasty to them wouldn't lead to them caring for him) but not a nice person in general. Polite, and capable of being nice when required to by job and society, but not really nice after all. Sort of a shocker for me, because I've known him nearly four years and he's always been nice to me where it counts, which makes me discount his behaviour to others. (Which I really shouldn't, because he's an arrogant little prick without social skills unless he actually likes someone, otherwise he's a very cold polite gentleman or a klutzy geekboy unless he's being the aforementioned prick.) And if he were too normal to be friends with me, he'd have run screaming a long time ago.

My big bro, on the other hand, has Actual Social Skills. I like big brothers with Actual Social Skills.

It's amusing to think about parental attitudes that are in essence mirror images:
She's nuts, but she makes him happy...
He seems so normal, but he makes her happy...

There was cackling. Ro and I disturbed marxdarx, mcredneck, sorcha007, Brianna, shammash, the Little Fayoumis, and eris_raven by cackling both like witches and like chickens.

amberfox called back first; her ringer didn't ring. We chatted about the thing, this, that, and the other. Sims! Bottom!Sim!Lucius! Sim beds! Bad phones hanging up!!! Then iroshi called on the landline. Cackling, sanity, niceness, children (and my grape thing when I was so young), reconstructed childhood memories, chickens, word origins -- that's how the thing worked. I mentioned the cackling thing, and she looked up the word origin in defining it, and found it originated from the chicken kadocket [family word], and that set me off. That spurred Ro's reminiscence about the cock. (Ro, can I reproduce your post here for those not listed?) Flirting, and realities associated therewith: namely, men who aren't used to being flirted with are going to be wary of it until they get used to flirting without dangerous followthrough, and then they may get comfortable with it. Mothers' understanding of their kids, and mothers understanding the insanity of boys.

Battery-operated gargoyle!
Consensual iguana!
It's looking at me!

We Googled intensively until bedtime. Hooray!
Also, I am making a Reincarnation playlist. It is pretty. So far it's got "Mad World", "The Fix Is In", "Tonight We Fly", and "Last Stop This Town".

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