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Cock cocks: iroshi's post about our Hunt for the Wily Chicken Penis

One of the highlights from last night:
Azz insists I must blog this. She, though growing up with chickens, has never seen a rooster penis. You know those long erasers that go in a plastic holder, like an automatic pencil, only an eraser? Imagine one about a foot long, vaguely pink fleshy coloured, and a little thinner, so...flexy, bendy, limpish. Now imagine a rooster flapping along, half-flying behind a running-away hen, with this pink...eraser-like-thing, zipping out and back, like a frog's tongue trying to catch a mosquito.


And because Azz insists, you get a link to the infamous duck penis as well. Just because.

You know, I fear for the world if we ever meet in person.

And found while looking for a picture of a chicken penis:
Original is friends-locked, has a few samples from the penis list, and is quoted with permission.

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