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Feel free to leave comments and/or friend me. I may or may not comment back and/or friend you back; my standards of "interesting" are distinctly nonstandard and subject to my whimsical Gemini Air mood. Additionally, I'm very selective about friending back any time my friends list hits over 200, as I read almost all of my friends page. I am not all about the Default View. If I don't friend you back, you're not missing very much. If I find your presence to not be a source of joy to me, you will be informed by either garnetdagger or me. My journal, my rules.

Me: azurelunatic. I also have other journals, but they aren't very active.

Mental: In short, we're weird.

Cast of Characters: What with the Friends List of Doom and all, it's a bit rough to keep track of everybody in my life. Here's a short run-down; I may refer the curious back to it from time to time.
Household: Residents of the apartment, known as the Temple. House Rules.
The Computers: No gamergeek household is complete without a discussion of the machines, who have personalities all their own.
Good Friends & Other close people: The people I try to keep in contact with, those outside the household and immediate family who get the most love, and the people who are around on a regular basis.
Co-Workers/Cow-Orkers: The people I interact with at work on a weekly basis.
Old Crew: People we used to know, or those who have drifted out of contact.
Assorted Families: Even though we're our own household now, we still have relatives.
School: These are the people I see, or used to see, from day to day at DeVry.
Neighbors: People who live near us.
Other than that, read the journal.

My schedule


Content: I mostly write about daily events and thoughts, with the random quiz tossed in.

Kinks: I have at least a passing interest in BDSM. For the convenience of my friends, the majority of these entries are filtered. To join this and my other opt-in filters, leave a comment here. I keep a log of Stuff at KittenHate, a site for tracking sex stats.

Faith: I'm some variety of eclectic technopagan type.

Past: From Alaska. Moved to Phoenix. Attending DeVry.

Present: I'm going to college, and I have great roommates. I also have an unrequited love and a Pretty. I live in templeravenmoon.

Future: Who the hell knows. Maybe moving to California.

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I write. I've always written. This is just taking it to the logical next step -- a public forum with a diverse audience. If I didn't have an online journal, I'd be writing just as much, if not more, in a text file or paper journal.

Good question. Our staff is working on it.

If you want to give me your phone number, I have a poll for that. I'm not always very social, and my hours are weird, but sometimes I will chat.


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Kelvin: friends-list analysis
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