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New Userinfo (probably minus updated links, those come next)

Who are you?
Azure Lunatic. One woman, one memory, four faces:
Azz, the Lunatic
Garnet, the Warrior, the Cleric
Naomi, the Geek, the girl
Marah, the Bitter

What do you want?
To write. To be read. To share what I've learned. To interact with my friends. To meet new people.

Where are you going?
I have three books in progress: one back-burner exploration of the role of parenthood in the information age, one nonfiction introduction to being a mage in today's society, and the adventures of a necromancer. This November, I may be joining nanowrimo yet again and writing a comedy of errors. I work at a phone research company as a monitor for quality control and a phone goon.

Where have you been?
From Alaska. Moved to Phoenix. Attended DeVry. I have great roommates, an unrequited love and a Pretty. I live in templeravenmoon. I've got a faith. I've been keeping a journal in one form or another since 1991.


Feel free to leave comments and/or friend me. I may or may not comment back and/or friend you back; my standards of "interesting" are distinctly nonstandard and subject to my whimsical Gemini Air mood. Additionally, I'm very selective about friending back any time my friends list hits over 200, as I read almost all of my friends page. I am not all about the Default View. If I don't friend you back, you're not missing very much. If I find your presence to not be a source of joy to me, you will be informed by either garnetdagger or me. My journal, my rules.

Cast of Characters: What with the Friends List of Doom and all, it's a bit rough to keep track of everybody in my life. Here's a short run-down; I may refer the curious back to it from time to time.
Household: Residents of the apartment, known as the Temple. House Rules.
The Computers: No gamergeek household is complete without a discussion of the machines, who have personalities all their own.
Good Friends & Other close people: The people I try to keep in contact with, those outside the household and immediate family who get the most love, and the people who are around on a regular basis.
Co-Workers/Cow-Orkers: The people I interact with at work on a weekly basis.
Old Crew: People we used to know, or those who have drifted out of contact.
Assorted Families: Even though we're our own household now, we still have relatives.
School: These are the people I see, or used to see, from day to day at DeVry.
Neighbors: People who live near us.
Other than that, read the journal.

In an emergency situation, every second counts.
I participate in the LJ Abuse Emergency Contact Information First Post program.
Do you? The life you save may be your own.

Tools & Toys:
My to-do list
The Insanity Hack -- now new and improved and actually there!
Joule, or, Who's Defriended Me Today?
Kelvin: friends-list analysis
LiveJournal Connect
My Last 50 Emotions
Amusing wastes of time

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