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Late-night Lunatic

After caffiene, in hour 16 or so after waking up in the morning, the Lunatic's brain ceases to work entirely properly. The late-night depression kicks in, and the world seems colder and worse than it should be. Noise irritates; popular music sits like an itch in the brain that the brain must be closed off against.

Then I remembered: I need Baroque. My brain can follow the patterns around without getting jarred by things. It's when I'm so much not-here that a dischord can screw me up for half an hour...

Therefore: Bach.

I still need to pick up my bed and put it back together properly, and also make sure that the laundry is in the laundry basket. I'll put off the shower until morning, because there are bathroom rugs soaking in the bathtub. One of them had to be thrown out; I think it was pissed on a bit too much. They soaked with vinegar for some time, but that wasn't enough to get one denasted. So much to do...

It's going to be a busy few days off. I'll have to catch up on sleep sometime...

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