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Stupid computer shit vs. the Lunatic

I've been having problems with AzureBlue syncing properly. The journal entries backdated the other day, and what a bitch it was getting those in was the tip of the iceberg. Since then, I've had stuff on there not get into the desktop on the computer and not into the fucking Y! shit, and stuff I've put on Y! not going into the fucking palmtop.

Goddamn it.

Stupid motherfucking machinery, and this is new.

And IE's been acting like an utter cunt all day (the non-gendered version of this, I hasten to add; I've been hanging out with Scottish men too much) and I'm getting sick and tired of spyware, not that I wasn't already sick and tired, but today just seems like much too much. I would like to spend some face-time with the designers of spywayre: namely, my foot, their face. That, I've got the spoons for.

Hooray, SpyBot Search & Destroy; hooray being able to kill processes that are taking up evil amounts of attention via the Task Mangler.

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