Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Day turns into night: work and phone

Woke up before the alarm. Got to work in a very timely fashion. Monitored. Yay, monitoring! I had a few "What the -- ?" moments. Someone was clearly half-asleep on the phones or something, that's the only thing I could think. Also, some person on the other end of the phones had a little difficulty with the word "consumed". ...What's there not to understand about the word "consumed"? (My comment on that was the closest to snarky on the job I got all day.)

Got nice hugs before heading home. Mmm, redheaded pillowy co-workers!

Called a Darkside. Got a Darkside on the phone. Chatted for a good 45 minutes and then some. My cleavage is good for taunting purposes. How did I get so special that he's willing to talk with me even when he's got a headache?

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