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Work! Work harder!

They had me monitoring today. Looks like Snarky Monitor is training to be a supervisor. They had her out on the floor and in the bullpen with a Shiny Badge on, and learning all sorts of cool shit about the dialer and all.


Poor Loren's been having nothing but pissy days. Poor Loren.

Dialer went down for a bit. Babysat an area. Got my necklace commented on. "Is that a coin?" "...No..."

The ring seems to have escaped notice. Maybe that's because I'm used to having it on my finger and it blends in that way?

Clients are going to be visiting Tuesday and Wednesday. As a result, the entire building was spiffyshined, and all of us went home about an hour later than usual, even though half the employees were let out an hour earlier than the typical summer let-out time. And I've got a calibration meeting Wednesday, even though that's my day off. The fun never ends, let me tell you! Wasn't it just last month that I had another meeting?

I may not be able to touch up my hair until Wednesday after the meeting, then.

I've been running a headache since Sunday. Low-grade, sinus fun, and probably allergy-related. Knives in the eyeballs walking out into that evil Phoenix sun. I really need sunglasses again.

Got to validate a job today, $ISSUE_SIDE_JOB, the one that doesn't make me puke. The lead monitors have been smacked over the head with the concept that maybe the Lunatic is supposed to be on her preferred side of the issue, even though the papers still say that I'm on the other, evil, side. To validate, you call up the handy dandy little program that does that (through your same telnet interface, natch) and you select what percentage you want to do and what job you want to do and what time zones and the like, a whole bunch of fun things, then you call all these households back. It's fun. Of course, for $ISSUE_SIDE_JOB, which involves speaking to at least two people in a household, you have to speak with both people. I had fuuuuuun!

Yep. Fun. Lunatic bounces incoherently!

Naomi's been coming out at work a little more. Pink Shirt Guy Shift Ops Super sees the most of her, I think, because his attitude is somewhat the dryly affectionate management style I became accustomed to viewing as "paternal". Mostly, Naomi's presence is notable by the Azzgrin, and a sudden spurt of enthusiasm. ...It's probably very very odd for the onlooker to notice that the hulking conservative adult black-clad Lunatic suddenly exhibits the energy level and mannerisms of a much slighter fifteen-year-old...

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