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New monitors! Hooray!

In addition to Snarky Monitor moving up, we're getting a batch of new monitors. Scary Desk Guy Neighbor (grey hair, longish but no ponytail) is becoming a monitor. A few of the new guys are becoming monitors. There is an influx of new male monitors, in fact, perhaps balancing out all the estrogen/progesterone currently doing things.

Turns out that Figment is in monitor training. W00t! Figment is way, way cool: fen, very fen, and appreciative of things like the Sith Academy, "Never Set the Cat on Fire", and probably a bunch of other jokes that only other fen would -- or should -- get.

Tonight when we were cleaning up, I was putting some papers away in the closet. Figment came up to me and wanted to know where to put the selfsame papers I'd just dealt with. I showed him the place in the closet, and then proceeded to do a boob-wiggling "in the closet" dance.

Jokes about me going in and out of the closet became the thing for the evening. Figment and I looked ready to explode at one point or another. Figment told me it was all my fault for starting it.

Yes, the workplace is about to get a lot more fun. Also, I'll be monitoring more, as the Snarky Monitor is going to be the Snarky Supervisor now, and there were just a batch of new hires, and they were complaining that even with, what, four new monitors, that they're still going to be short monitors.

I didn't get through all my people today. I had six undone when I knocked off, and that was because they'd all gone home. There were some setbacks, and I know I can streamline my setup process a bit more, but, ack? Today felt like a hugely unproductive day, in part due to the fumbling around to get people to monitor on one job until I realized that no one was there on that job, as they were all training. I also wound up doing a C to P (Computer to Paper: compare what's on the computer to what's on the paper version, make sure all is correct & like it's supposed to be, painstaking and long) and that cut into my productivity.

Still and all.

I'm glad today's over. I'm glad Motley shared her Pitch Black Dew with us. (Mmm. Tastes better than Ryddick.) I'm glad I got to walk home with othercat. I'm glad my meeting tomorrow won't take up the entire day.

...yeah. Meeting. Argh?

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