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My so-called day off

Sis and I went out last night for a few bottles of the new color of Dew. We came back with six bottles each of black and orange (stocking up for the winter, yay) as well as sundry other things that we couldn't do without, such as cheese and milk. She crashed, but I was still wired.

Operating on the reasonable assumption that I wouldn't have to be awake for quite some time, I invited ralmathon to come over and share some Pitch Black and bitch as well as hear more about DeLug. This led to bitching, soda analysis, and backrubs (for him, from me -- I really need to demand payback more often). We talked about our jobs. Evidently I give really good backrubs, and I should never go pro with massage, because that will screw my friends over, because I'll never give them backrubs after that.

Woke up at a reasonable hour. Checked e-mail and LJ and all that. Decided I needed a nap. Fell asleep at an unreasonable hour of the morning, a bare two hours before I had to be at the meeting. Made it to the meeting, but at the price of style -- I really need to upgrade my skirts, and I so totally need long-sleeved shirts with V-necks.

Meeting was interesting. I sat between Figment and Rules Lawyer Monitor, and we went over the new monitoring specs. Things are different now. Expect turmoil from the monitoring department until we get this all sorted out.

Hung out for a bit before everybody else had to go to work. othercat and dustraven and I had a bit of an amusing little dustup in the communications department. There were two separate conversations involving blond bishies, both of which I was a party to, but dustraven was not a party to the conversation I'd had with othercat, and othercat was not a party to the conversation I'd had with trystan_laryssa (nor a party to the conversation between trystan_laryssa and dustraven, which was how he heard about it). So when I conducted a small unspoken conversation with othercat confirming that one person in particular was the person we'd been discussing, dustraven took it as a confirmation that the person I was indicating was a person who had featured in the blond bishie conversation I'd had with trystan_laryssa. Much mighty confusion ensued.

Loren was the most confused, because while trystan_laryssa had told her that making a gesture as if taking a photo would set me off into fits of giggles, she hadn't been told why this would happen.

Everyone wandered off, except for the wallflowers, who included othercat and the blond bishie who hadn't been the topic of discussion between trystan_laryssa and me. That poor guy wound up spilling his glass of water all over his pants.

I checked on the DeLug meeting time and place on my way home. I stopped in at the office and filled out a repair ticket for the sink in the other bedroom (leaking) and the chiller unit (dripping and rattling).

In a few minutes, I head off for DeVry to hang out with the Linux gurus-in-training. Also, if listening to "Legends" drunk had me sniffling, and listening to it sober still has me leaking, a surefire way to have me bawling unashamedly is to have me try and sing it.

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