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I'm at 40 support points now, up from 35 just the other day.
W00t. Verily.

I am liking this because I like LJ and I like helping people and I like learning stuff and I like recognition and I like power. (I think.)

It's a sort of self-satisfaction that I don't mind, even though it may come off as obnoxious, because out of 1,600+ unique users who have helped out, I'm in the 300s as far as support points go. There are over 500 users who have only ever gotten one support point; there are another hundred or so who have gotten 2; fewer than half the supporting users have gotten ten points or more; 281 of the supporting users have 100 or more points; exactly 100 support volunteers have cracked 1000 points; only two of the support leads have 10,000 or more (though a few others are creeping up there). The graph of rank/points looks like it would be one of those nifty curves that one teacher described as "bathtub curves" -- almost straight wall and bottom, nice rounded curve in the middle.

So. Yeah. Smug Loony; smug loony who can't afford the 20 minutes of sleep-time she just lost to writing this up. Hooray naps and six hour shifts. And caffiene. 'specially frozen breakfast caffiene.

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