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Respect, and glitter

I don't typically send glittermissives to people I like and respect, not unless I know they like glitter too. It's so hard to get out of the carpet...

DeVry sent me a letter urging me to go to school there and get one of their spiffy degrees. I took their prepaid return envelope and dumped about five times as much glitter as I typically use in snailspam returns, wrote them a note recommending that they ask their CIS people to write them a script to pull current and recent former students from their list for such mailings, and put it in the sending queue on top of the living room stereo.

Mentioned this to Darkside. Reassured him that he may have noticed that I never sent him glitter, because I didn't want to cause him any problems, and I knew his mother would probably make him clean up every last bit, and I know how difficult glitter is to get out of carpet...

Work is becoming glitterfied, because I wear glitter at work, and I shed...

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