Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Brief reminder about IMing me, rant and guidelines to follow:

Random people IMing me who haven't gotten the clue last time I didn't want to talk to them annoy me.

Spelling (correct) is key to my remaining not pissed off. Native speakers of English have no excuse. Non-native speakers of English often have more precisely correct English than native speakers; if one is a non-native speaker of English and knows one's command of the language is poor, a simple mention of this in the header of one's remarks will turn a snarling bitchy Lunatic into a polite and informative Lunatic (as the number of languages I speak and write with any degree of fluency I can count on my tongue, and I have great respect for those who have mastered a second language to any degree of being able to communicate in it).

Getting hurt and defensive if I don't respond is not a way to make me want to talk with you, again, ever.

Getting hurt, defensive, and huffy if I indicate my unwillingness to converse is not a way to make me want to continue the conversation.

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