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Cleaning, and other dangerous beasts

I'd been thinking about my bed situation (I have the morphing bed of DOOM, I swear; starbrow has seen it in at least two different configurations; I should really get the camera up and running so I can document all the phases it goes through) and I'd wanted some new happy fluffy beddish things, like mattresses. (The old ones had gone bye-bye, see...)

Ta-da! Recycle area mattress and box thingy.

Now. My bed, onions, networks, cakes, and ogres all have something in common. All of these things have layers. As wrestled into construction last night (bottom up):
Box thingy
Cushions from the defunct megacouches
futon mattress
Assorted bedding/pillows

It's scary.

Of course, since my roommates are having bed trouble, I donated the futon to them to put on top of their old mattress, so the mattress can interface with the scary and bad metal frame of the bottom bunk, and the futon can interface with their backs. I hope it works; I also hope that I'll be able to sleep on my own bed as it is.

I vacuumed the living room a bit. There is a guy here from Preferred Multi Service (the contractor this apartment complex uses for stuff like the a/c problems -- and it's a bonus that their initials have amusing effect ...) working on the A/C. Yesterday Sis discovered that the A/C's perpetual leak was not only dripping out the unit, but traveling through the ductwork and drizzling down the walls, causing the paint to puff out and the sheetrock to start disintegrating. So the PMS guy is here.

I'm pulling things out of my closet. I've been moving useless things off my altar. People give me magical junk, or I accumulate it, and it clogs things up, probably both physically and spiritually.

So. Cleaning.

It's my day off, so I get to do these things...

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