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Rental cars, universe-smack

ralmathon's car was put out of commission for a while a little bit ago. He'd rented a car for the interim, to get to work and all that. Today his car was fixed and ready to pick up, so he asked me to help him out...

We drove there. I drove the rental car back here. He picked up his car and drove it home. Now he's just picked up the rental car and is taking it back to the rental place.

That's the bare bones of the matter. Why, then, am I feeling so gobsmacked? Because Eris, that bitch, has just walloped me a good one across the face.

First of all, I am a divination major. Of all the things I do, divination's one of the things I do best, deepest, sharpest. Sometimes I scry by license plate. ralmathon's car was rented from the rental place just down the street, so I see it in the parking lot all the time. Sometimes its license plate smacks me about the head with a divination, or, more accurately, gives me warning that something scrambled is about to happen.

Something scrambled happened.

We were driving along, listening to the classic rock station, I was asking questions for stuff to put in the book, and thinking about how very comfortable this was, and then Eris slapped me.

Now I think I'll go run headfirst into a few walls.

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