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Love language testing results
Score Love Language
7 Words of Affirmation
9 Quality Time
2 Receiving of Gifts
1 Acts of Service
11 Physical Touch

How to interpret your Profile Score:

Your highest score indicates your primary love language. Your second highest score indicates your secondary love language. If two scores are identical, you are bilingual (you have two primary love languages). If the scores of your primary and your secondary language are close (for example, 10 & 9 respectfully), it indicates both are important to you. Whatever a significant other does to express love in either of these languages will get emotional points with you. The highest possible score for any language is 12.

Having a clear picture of your primary & secondary love languages will explain much of your past behavior Think back over the past and ask yourself "What have I most often requested from significant others?" Chances are your answer will lie within the scope of your primary & secondary love languages. You have been requesting that which would meet your deepest need for emotional love.
Not that much of this is a surprise. I can't live without being touched, pretty much.

I'm glad the testing mechanism didn't confuse (too much) the expression/intake, because those can be wildly different. I express caring by giving gifts -- more thoughtful than expensive, though I've been known to go a little overboard on expense rather than settle for a less appropriate item. This is more so than I take in caring by getting gifts -- when I get gifts and they express an utter lack of understanding what I would appreciate from someone who is supposed to be close to me, I would rather not have gotten a gift than have gotten a thoughtless or useless gift.

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