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Errands and writing group

After discovering that my floppy drive was being a bad, bad puppy, I went to the office, turned in rent (which is like homework in a way), then hit the bus to the plasma place. I was listening to my little radio on the headphones I'd gotten some time ago. Turns out the headphones are the worst headphones I've ever purchased, bar none.

The movie at the plasma place was decent, fortunately, for certain values of "decent" that include Grease or some more modern updating of same (I knew the hair looked 80s!). It was very silly, and I found myself giggling and not reading my wizard-book so much as I should have been.

After that was done (complete with an initial high-pressure return that had the local obligatory shaved-head beanpole young pagan man in his 30s poking the thing to make it run slower but more reliably) I caught the 17 over to Central, caught the first bus going down Central and rode it until I saw the Kinko's sign, where I debussed and walked there.

Kinko's was moderately busy. I printed out the current iteration of the magicgeeking document ($4+ for the internet and printing, yipe) and then stopped in at the Phoenix Kerry campaign headquarters and made a small donation. Somewhere between getting off the bus and getting back to the bus stop, I lost my bus card: yipe again! I don't think it'll be worth it for me to get another bus card, unless I tie it to my nose or something. Yow.

Fortunately, I had a dollar coin in my change purse, and found a quarter lying on the ground at the bus stop. Teach me to go about without bus fare...

Hit writing group. easalle showed up in pink wings and this absolutely fabulous grey miniskirt with a scalloped edge and nifty cutouts as trim. Sadly, I haven't the legs to carry the look off...

This was a much, much better writing group than last time. Sadly, the good writer new lady from last time didn't show up; fortunately, the obnoxious dumb lady with more degrees than brains didn't show up. Two new ladies did show up. One didn't say very much; the other has the story of her life and could probably trade war stories with wiseheron on the medical problems/dreadful pasts fronts. Despite the horrific content of the stuff she read, she was generally cheerful and interesting, and wrote it well.

I read some portions of my magicgeeking document. They went over well. I'll be needing to find some of the $MAGIC For Dummies books to see what parts of the wheel I'm re-inventing, as per easalle's suggestion.

I've also been revisiting some Ectogenesis in writing exercises of late. I think Rose may be telling me something? Tonight I wrote her picking out the place where they wind up living until the baby.

We did the dinner thing. One of the other regulars, the other bellydancing lady who's a teacher in her day job, showed up for the last bits of stuff and then dinner. That was fun. Our waiter (Orlando: Josh is back working there again but was out sick) was not his usual charming self because he was waiting the entire resturant by himself and he was running.

I'm doing laundry. I'm exhuasted.

I'm still boggled by the bitchslap from Eris, but I'm coming more to terms with it. More things to consider. More ties. More affirmation of my own nature. What marxdarx said was right on, though as usual when you're doing advicework of that sort, you never know how accurate it's going to be until they feel it, you just have to pull it out of your ass...

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