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Still processing...

It's amazing. I've theoretically known this little handy fact since at least 2002, I should think. Time blurs together, but the first Lord of the Rings movie came out in December 2001, and that's a time anchor for the ensuing kerfuffle with digitalambience, ralmathon, teenagewitch, marxdarx, and the rest of the household. And that kerfuffle is the time anchor for how long I've held the theoretical knowledge of the depth of a thing.

So. 2002 was The Two Towers, and I hadn't figured it out.
2003 was Return of the King, and perhaps by then I had noted that if not for the one, then the other.

2004 is now.

I have been officially godsmacked.

Now I have to decide what to do about it, if anything, besides wait out what waiting there is, and discuss things with people.

There shan't be a full discussion of this until at least Saturday, if not Sunday or Monday, if then. Had I not been so absolutely floored, I would have remained sitting on this until then. I have a rule that when there is something going on, the most affected parties are informed first. If other parties need to be pulled in to help someone deal with something that is very weird shit, so be it, but things don't get talked about until the chain of discussion has been worked through.

If then.

I'm babbling, because my brain is so very broken. I can't help but scroll my brain backward to the Ides of March, 2000 -- is this a repeat? Dear fuck $DEITY shit, I hope not. Violation of Caesar's left toenail, I hope not. And if it is, I'll be warned about it and I will have the tools and experience to deal with it. Tay-tay, if you read this, I'm going to need to spend some argh-time with you over this. This is serious.

...Bechdel's Law. Bechdel's Law. Bechdel's Law. Anyone seen any monsters around?

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