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So, it's morning, and the cat starts crying.

eris_raven does not like being trapped in my room when she thinks there's something interesting or tasty going on outside. So she yowled at me, busting me out of a sound sleep.

I opened the door and she rocketed out, only to have her sound somewhat miffed when she realized that it was no better out there than it was in here.

I went back to bed, with the door open. It was loud out there, but I could put a pillow over my ear...

Then there was a CRASH! and the distinctive tinkaklinkatinkaklinka of something being knocked over and very broken.

All the adults came running. It was the mirror in my bathroom, the large mirror propped against the wall, the one I nearly broke several toes with last summer. Sis contributed that she had seen shammash running around, and he was looking distinctively guilty now, so he must have moshed into it. As usual.

If I leave the door shut, the little bitch pisses on things. If I leave it open, the demon moshes into things and breaks them.

Can't win.

I mopped up the glass. Here's hoping I got it all, and I won't discover that I haven't the hard way, or the really hard way. (The hard way, I get some of it lodged in my feet; the really hard way, Miss Goddamn Vacuum Cleaner Face will eat some and I will have an ill or dead kitling on my hands. I'd rather find any the hard way, or the easy way, by noticing it.)

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