Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Cuteness in Paint

There were four of us, back in college. Almost a full elemental circle. We had a slender quick-witted Fire with a caustic sense of humor, a large and solid Earth who could not be startled by anything, and two giggly gossipy Airs. We had an excellent time.

Only the three of us are still in the state. I'm the communications link. I keep in touch with all the other three...

Microsoft Paint is fun. I have drawn three of us standing together, 100x100, 28 color. The Earth, being taller, is standing in back rolling his eyes. The Fire and I are giving each other bunny ears, and will probably have started wrestling by the time the observer starts glancing away. We're all smiling. Well, the Earth is smiling, the Fire is smirking, and I'm looking goofy. Both of them need to shave, and I need a glasses upgrade.

I love Paint.

Before that, there were three of us, Fire, Air, and Water. I drew us, too. That was larger, took longer. Just as fun.

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