Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Holiday (was supposed to be posted yesterday, but someone forgot...)

Today was a holiday. No one had work or school. I cleaned house a bit, including stubborn bits of the kitchen floor. I played games. I threw out things in my room. I picked things up off the floor. I wrote fragments of things. I put blue dye in my hair. (It only looks black.)

We went out -- the Little Fayoumis is getting more used to that, and squirms less, and is more patient with people not paying so much attention to him when he has to sit still. Sis had an encounter with wasabi. She doesn't like it.

We took them home, and wound up in Trader Joe's. I am developing a liking for interesting soap again. Phases. Now it's more scents and ingredients than shapes and colors, though. Got the right chocolate this time, and finally (after a bit of groucheting) hunted down some just plain peppermint altoids. (Altoids remind me of yaksha42 now. I dreamed I'd reconciled with him. I'm not particularly angry anymore, finally.)

I did laundry, chatted with people, then hit bed. Late, I might add. It was a decent day.

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