Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

People from all over...

My aunts read this journal from time to time. They share it with Grandma.

My baby sister has her own LJ, and has me listed as a friend.

At least 3 of my co-workers that I know of have LJs, and at least one of them is on here almost as often as I am.

The only member of my household that doesn't have an LJ is the kid, and that's because while he can read and write, he's not ready for doing so in an online forum as of yet.

My father reads my LJ. That was interesting, finding that out. I turned green and said, "OIK!" to Darkside for many minutes. He laughed at me. (Darkside doesn't read my journal. He's said that he'd rather not.)

Assorted people from back home back when read my journal. The Significant Other of that guy from AcaDeca and the fencing class (Soda's big brother) came across it. I wouldn't be surprised if my ex BJ's other ex read it from time to time...

Now I find that Fuzzy Modem's wife reads my journal. Small, small, small world.

I have anonymous commenting disabled on this journal to nip a small troll problem in the bud. Anyone can create an account and add in their two cents...

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