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Re-lemming: my last 20 posts tell me...

1. I've got writing group on Thursday, and I still need to be working harder on adding more material to what I've got in the magicgeeking document. I am coming up with writing exercises, though.

2. A lot of people read my journal. When Fuzzy told me about who-all reads it besides the obvious, I decided to go back through June and see what I'd been writing in here, anyway, so I'd have a better grasp on what people like Mrs. Fuzzy and my father have been reading. Thus, lemming time. I think this is a good lemming, because it forces me to make content out of some posts that otherwise might have gone low-content or content-free, mostly because they were carriers of context, and while I remember things in context, my possible eventual children won't have been there for all this.

3. I don't trust myself to keep motivated to work out without some record of what-all I've been doing.

4. melcocha is ill. She needs cheering. I send a random sample of household life at her. (Private post.)

5. I had fun on Labor Day. Where I think I am just a calmer person, other people may think I'm a better person. I really don't see that. What I do see is legacy of a small kid, some ADHD teenage boys, and other stuff to hone my patience and forgiveness. In the grander scheme of things, there are betrayals and then there are betrayals. That was a small one in my universe.

6. I still am not very motivated, am I. Also, I can't remember what day of the week it is.

7. I can give valuable good advice by just being there and handing out hugs. (Private, chat log.)

8. Headaches are bad. Darkside is good. (Private, chat log.)

9. Darkside, like many Cancers, has a soft side he doesn't show to just anyone. I'm not just anyone.

10. Blackadder was made for crossovers, since it's a family over the ages rather than one character, though the continuity is charming.

11. I actually did remember what day it was that time. Work is good for my walking.

12. Sometimes old friends ask really weird questions. (Private, chat log).

13. Roommates have the good links. However, when they IM you the good links while you are playing addictive Flash games, you are understandably aggrieved. (Private, chat log.)

14. I'd just need ink eradicator tape to stick on my yellow stickypad, and then some quality time with a red pen to turn rather plain and mundane into silly & fen for Jury Duty.

15. juuro is excellent. Wasps are painful.

16. Singing at work when you're on the phone and randomly get handed calls with little to no warning is contraindicated. Sometimes, the QA Monitor is listening. Sometimes, the QA Monitor has to roll a will save against falling out of her chair laughing.

17. Some of Diane Duane's later Young Wizards books need handkerchiefs as standard issue with the book. Cats are silly. Good lotion is good and bad lotion is bad. (Private, chat log.)

18. Dinosaurs learning to hunt are really cute; I am unable to remember which movie in a series any given scene is from, though I could probably have Google be my friend if I were really motivated. Or, I could rent them and see myself...

19. I seem to be good at prayer. Has lateforthesky given birth yet?

20. Just as Jewish is both a culture and a religion, so is Quaker. So while I wasn't raised religious-Quaker, really, I was raised secular-Quaker, and therefore have the general isolation that anyone raised in a small, conservative religious background will have from the mainstream US people. (Private, chat log and copy of comment on what someone honestly thinks of me.)

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