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The candlelight vigil for the 1,000 US citizens killed in Iraq

easalle and I wound up at the candlelight vigil. It was fun and solemn and very interesting. Finding them was no problem; finding a parking space could have been one, only it wasn't. We pulled through a hotel valet parking area, judged it too upscale for the likes of vigil parking, zoomed out and around, and wound up in the one remaining spot in mall parking. (Fortuitous timing!) The vigil was on 24th street and Camelback. I yanked my purse and the box of tea lights out and brought them with; we crept up to the end of the line on the northeast corner and lit our candles from the guy at the end of the line.

We stood there in complete silence for a bit until someone came up and suggested that people take other corners of the street. We thought this was a great idea, and headed to the southeast corner, where there were already a few people. That was where V was. After we got there, some of the people who had been there spread to the other two corners, leaving just V, easalle, the pink-banged chick whose LJ name I don't know yet, and me. Well, and the semi-discreet cop talking into his walkie-talkie a discreet distance back.

We held candles and held them up at passing cars. Tea lights spill candle wax on hands, but they're great for setting on the sidewalk in front of the line of vigil-holders.

There was one negative incident -- some asshat shouted, "You're all losers!" out the window of his huge shiny pickup truck. (Losers for regretting that people are dying and wanting that the problems be stopped forthwith, no matter what individual plans we think are best for stopping the problems? I fail to parse.) This called for immediate retaliation. With my stage-trained lungs, the ones that have got many years of singing experience, and four years of bellowing at cats and kids on top of that, I shouted back, "We love you!" Best retort I could come up with on short notice, and by the time that was out of my mouth, I was able to edit and swallow the rest of it; completed, it would have been the highly sarcastic and also somewhat inflammatory "We love you too, asshole!"

The event was supposed to wind down at 8:45. We didn't start packing up until 9:10 or later. There were still people about when we left; some of them were possibly planning to stay later.

Our usual gang decided to hit Coco's afterwards; we invited the new girl to come along too. Everyone fit into easalle's lovely capacious vehicle with only a little scrunching. Hooray!

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